CBSE Affiliation No: 880004          School code : 49007
We give them wings to fly, they add feathers to our cap


Parinita Bisht

As someone who has spent her formative school years in Army Public School, it has been an eye opening experience, to say the least. Army schools, especially for army brats, feel like home. We are surrounded with accepting, all rounded and diverse people from all corners of India. This is the school where I found my kind of people, a group with mutual trust, in which we push each other to be better. Of course, the wonderful teachers I was lucky enough to get in my senior years are the real heroes. Their persistent efforts and encouragement towards my education and personal development were a priceless gift. I am forever indebted to this school for all its experiences and challenges. The ride was not perfect, but it has made me the person I am today and I am all the richer for it


I joined APS Bangalore for a fresh start in IX class. A place where nobody knew me… in hopes of learning and experiencing all that I never could. Two years went by in an instant I got to experience and gain knowledge in the fields which I never even dared to dream of, For the first time in my life I felt that I belonged somewhere. All the fun and naughtiness is carved in my heart. It's thanks to APS Bangalore that I have become a more confident and an extrovert version of myself. I'm deeply indebted to the APS Bangalore family


As they say school is the temple of learning, I believe APS is my temple of learning. Which has given me immense amount of learning and knowledge. My school is an inseparable part of my academic journey. I joined the school in 2011 as a class 1st student.The infinite everlasting memories, inclusive environment, and impeccable methods of teaching are associated with the school. Above all my teachers, their inspiration, guidance and continuous support who never said no to any of my doubts which made me stronger in my academic performance.Apart from academics cca is the best place to build you as a wholesome person with all extra curricular activities and events. It focuses on holistic development of the child. All the teachers and administration put their best of efforts to bring out the best from the child.