ENGLISH: 1) Learn to tell a story for story telling competition

                   2) Learn to recite a poem for recitation competition

                   3) Write L-1 in English notebook (handwriting)

                   4) Do HW given in long register


HINDI:    1) Make a chart on healthy food (Roll No 1-6)

                2) Make a chart on Junk food  (Roll No 7-12)

                3) Make cut-outs of any five vegetables using ice-cream sticks (Roll No 13-19)

                4) Make cut outs of any five fruits using ice cream sticks (Roll No 19-25)

                5) Make model of a tree and mention the name of the tree (Roll No 26-32)

                6) Stick leaves of any five medicinal plants on a A4 sheet and write 2-3 uses of each

                (Roll No 33-40)

IMP:  Read L-2 and L-3. Grammar- L-1 and L-2.Practice for forthcoming test


EVS: Use one A4 Sheet for each

         Draw, label and colour

  • Sense organs
  • External organs
  • One internal organ
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