Chapter No Chapter Name Sub Title
1 My Family Family tree
    Animals and their young ones
2 My extended family Family values and traditions
3 Inside our body Voluntary muscles and involuntary muscles
4 Feeling around with eyes shut Sense organs
5 Fun and games Fun and games
6 Work around us Different kind of jobs
7 Our animal friends Importance of living in groups- Animals
     Importance of living in groups- Animals2
8 Animals with ears Vertebrates and Invertebrates
     Animals with ears1
     Animals with ears2
    Importance of hair and fur in animals
9 Plant life Parts of a plant
    Types of roots
    Parts of a flower
10 Honey from flowers Honey bee/ bee hive
    How is honey made
11 How does food reach us Food from plants
    How food reaches us
12 Food and nutrition Nutrients required for human body
    Balanced diet
    Important nutrients
    Mid day meal scheme
13 Tongue and teeth Human tongue
    Types of teeth
    Tooth cavity
    Animals divided into different groups according to their eating habits
14 Beaks and claws Types of beaks
    Toes and claws
15 Houses then and now slums
    Types of waste- Biodegradable ,Non biodegradable
    Disposing waste
16 Animal habitats Terrestrial animals, arboreal, amphibians, reptiles
    Nocturnal animals
17 Birds nests Different types of nest
    Amazing nests
18 Mapping the neighbourhood Symbols, key,scales in map
19 Water Sources of water
    Methods of purification of water
20 Water changes Water cycle
    Extraction of salt from water
21 Travelling National emblem of India
    Visit to Leh
    Visit to Kyoto
22 Houses and Bridges Types of bridges
     Houses and Bridges
23 Staying healthy Diseases
    Staying healthy 
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