Chapter No Chapter Name Sub Title
1 Large Numbers (i)Indian and International Number System
    (ii) Place Value
2 ADDITION (i)Addition of 7 digit numbers with grouping 
    (ii) Addition of 7 digit numbers without grouping
3 SUBTRACTION (I) Subtraction of 7 digit numbers with grouping
    (ii) Subtraction of 7 digit numbers without regrouping
4 MULTIPLICATION Multiplication by 2 digit and 3 digit numbers
5 DIVISION by unitary method Division by two digit numbers
6 Factors & Multiples (i) Factors
    (ii) Multiples
    (iii) Prime factorisation
7 GEOMETRY Types of angles
8 METRIC MEASURES Units of length
    Units of weight
    Units of capacity
9 FRACTIONS Types of fractions
    Fractions in lowest term
    Equivalent fractions
10 DECIMALS Introductions to decimals
    comparison of decimals
    additon and subtraction of decimals
11 Time 12 hour and 24 hour clock
    Additon and subtraction of time
12 SYMMETRY AND PATTERN Number patterns
13 Perimeter and area Perimeter of square and rectangle
14 Angles Types
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