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(CTS FUND 2021-22)

1. Quotations are invited for the following and send us your sealed quotation by post or drop the quotation in the quotation box on or before 10 Jan 2022

Ser No Description  Qty Required Remarks
(a) Sensory Path  01 As per image attached
(b) Swing  01
(c) Jumping Trampoline  01
(d) Twitting Foot Music  01 Set

Terms and Conditions

2.You have to produce sample to the school for approval.
3. Quality of the items will be scrutinized by a Board of Officers.
4. Rates quoted should be valid for three Months.
5. Items to be delivered to the School Complex without any additional charges
6. Mode of payment: Cheque

To view the image of sensory path - Click Here

To view the image of Swing - Click Here

To view the image of Jumping Trampoline - Click Here