The primary vision of the school is to dedicate its services to the nation by  catering to the educational requirements of the wards of Army personnel who are transferred to various parts of the country at irregular intervals and therefore have no access to good quality education or are denied the same by government and private institutions.

The AWES has achieved its mission and proved its mettle by setting benchmarks at par with the best educational institutions across the country due to its uncompromising stance on the quality of education imparted.

This commitment is meshed with the desire to ensure the realization of the true potential of every student. Outstanding scholars, the gifted and the less gifted are given equal attention and opportunities to exploit their individual abilities and discover their positive attributes, while realistically recognizing the weak points that need to be addressed. Thus, every student is equipped to face the fiercely competitive world outside the portals of the school, with the tools appropriate to his/her own strengths.

The school envisions an alumni that spreads its message of positivity, hope and inclusive growth to the far ends of the world.