ENGLISH: MCB- L-10 The Good Seed, L-13 The Fox and the Crocodile, L-15 The Boy who cried Wolf. Work Book: Link Units of MCB lessons. GRAMMAR: Unseen passage, Composition, Prepositions, Collective nouns, Punctuation, Conjunctions, Parts of speech, Tense (Present, Past and future), Adjectives, Pronouns (Associated Exercises in the grammar book of all the grammar topics)


HINDI : Oral Test: Reading, Recitation Poem-15,Karypatrak Pg no.14,16,18,19,20

Written -:  Grammar TB: Karyapatrak page no.14, 16, 18, 19, 20; Picture composition, Dialogue writing, Unseen Passage, Complete the story.

             Udaan TB: L-3, P-7, L-11, L-12, P-13, L-14, P-15


MATH:  Numbers 1 to 200, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Money, Time and Calendar, Data Handling, Measurement and Solid Shapes


EVS: L-4 Food, L-6 Clothes, L-11 Plants, L-13 Land, Water and Air, L-14 Wheel, L-15 Communication, L-16 Shapes around you


NOTE : All work done in Text Book and Class work


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