ENGLISH: L4- Trip to the market,  L13 -The new ending,   L14- Firoz and the fire engine.

Q/Ans , Who said to whom, Frame sentences

GRAMMAR- Unseen passage,  a/an,  One and many,  Is /am/are,  Gender, Opposites, Prepositions,  Alphabetical order,   Sound words,  Naming words,  Describing words,  Action words,  Rearrange the  sentences,  Essay-My mother


HINDI: barah khdi, sanyuk aksher, L- 9 ,10, 12, 13, 14

  Q/Ans , true/False, Frame sentences, vakyansh ke liye ek shabd, opposites, change the gender, one- many, days of the week, name of fruits, noun(naam vale shabd) ,action words(kaam vale shabd), describing words( gunn vale shabd) , rhyming words, picture composition, samaan arth vale shabd


MATH:  Numbers 1-100, Ascending /Descending order,  Before/After/In between,  Number names, Tables 2-6, Prenumber concepts, Shapes,  Place values, Addition, Subtraction, Word problems, Time ,Money, Data handling,


EVS: L2- My body,  L3- Looking after my body,  L6-Food and Water, L9- People and places, L10-Animals in my world,  L14- Weather and Seasons,  L15- My world of colours

NOTE : All work done in Text Book and Class work

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