ENGLISH :  1.One page neat handwriting  for  each day of the holidays. (write only one page a day)

2.Read-up on  (a)Earthquake and tsunami, Japan (2011)  (b) urricane Katrina, U.S (2005) HKKKKKK





Hurricane Katrina,   U.S (2005)

Write the (i)causes  (ii)damage  (iii)duration   (iv)recovery.

3.Read any poem by Willam Blake and give its appreciation and poetry analysis.                (appreciation and poetic devices used).

HINDI – 1. Do aise viklaang vyktiyon ke bare mein chitra sahit likhen, jinhone apne dridhsankalp  aur kathor parishram se apne nirdharit lakshya ko pa liya ho. (page 17 anubhav se prahsn g)

  1. Pratidin ek prishth sulekh likhen.



   Solve sums from check your progress from chapter1 and 2.

SCIENCE    :   1.Make a model of Human digestive system.

2.Collect different type of fabrics and paste them in a scrape book.


1.Draw a weather chart  for a period of 15 days during the summer vacations on A4 size sheets.

2.List down 5 important national and international news per day for a period of 15 days during the summer vacations  on  A4 size sheets .

Both the homeworks have to be submitted in a single stick file on 13th June.


write about the importance of ‘RakshaBandhan” and a related story.

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