ENGLISH- 1. Watch atleast  5 English movies.

Suggested movies—Harry Potter series, Ice Age series, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Lion King, Jungle Book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Stuart Little, Frozen, 101 Dalmatians, Home Alone, The Gods must be Crazy or any other children’s movie.

2. Read atleast 3 story books.

Suggested authors—Roald Dahl, JK Rowling, Enid Blyton, Ruskin Bond, Sudha Murthy, RK Narayan, Alexandre Dumas, RL Stevenson, Arthur Conan Doyle, Daniel Defoe.

Be prepared to talk in class about the movies watched and books read.

3. Do a page of writing every day. Emphasize on neatness, letter formation, punctuation, spacing between words and capitalization where necessary.



1. Read autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi and write any two conversations in a small booklet in the shape of India Map or Charka.

-Between Mahatma Gandhi and his father

-Between Mahatma Gandhi and Britishers

-Between Mahatma Gandhi and his teacher.

2. Learn 5 Dohe of Kabir Das and recite in the class.

3. Write two Hindi slogans on Water conservation or Swatch Bharat Abhiyan.

4. Read and collect pictures from internet and make a collage of any one astronauts of the following .

- Kalpna Chawla Roll No.1to 7

- Sunita William Roll No. 8 to 14

- Neil Armstrong Roll No. 15to 21

-Rakesh Sharma Roll No .22to 28

- Yuri Gaganin Roll No. 29 to 36


MATHS-    1. Use  colourful chart for the following topic

                       Find the population of any four states of India and represent these numbers in

                     a) Expanded form – numerals b) Indian place value system c) International place

                        value system (write both number name and numeral).

  1.   On an A-4 sheet / scrap book  using tooth picks represent the following

                         Important years in  Roman numerals

                           a) The year we got  Independence     b) The year India became republic

                          c) The year you joined first standard  d) The year you got a sibling or cousin 

  1. Learn the multiplication table upto  19.    



EVS- 1.  Make  a  colourful and informative chart on the following topics.


Roll No.1 to 5 – Nature-Reduce, reuse and recycle.

              6 to10 – Salute to Martyrs

              11 to 15 – Science and Technology

             16 to 20 -  Culture and Heritage

             21 to 25 – Importance of books

             26 to 30 – Sportsmanship

             31 to 36 – Women Empowerment


2. Think / search and get ideas and information  for a working model to be made in the month of  August for the Science Exhibition.

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