Chapter No Chapter Name Sub Title
1 Knowing Myself sense organs and oral hygiene
2 Different Families Nuclear and Joint family
3 Sweet Home Types of Houses
4 Our Neighbourhood good neighbours
5 Food And Health Healthy Food
6 Our Clothes Types of Clothes
7 Water is Precious Save Water
8 Air Everywhere Air Pollution
9 Our Green Friends Types of Plants
10 Our Animal Friends Domestic and Wild animals
11 Time For Celebrations National and Religious Festivals
12 Road Safety Road Safety Rules Trafic Symblos
13 Reaching Places Land Air and Water Transport
14 Connecting People Means of Communication
15 World Around Us Planets
16 Times and Seasons Different Seasons
17 What I Want to Become Occupations
18 keeping Fit Healthy Food and Junk Food
19 Things We Make Tie and Dye


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