Chapter No          Chapter Name                                          Sub Title                        Class 1 English
        1 All About Rani Words related with family
    Grammar - Naming words
        2 Me (poem)  Words related with body parts
    Grammar- One and many ( s) and es
        3 At school Words related to school
    Grammar - Pronouns(he,she,it ,they and we
        4 A trip to the market Names of Fruits and vegetables
    Grammar-This,that,These and those
        5 If you cannot cook (poem) shapes
    Grammar - can / cannot
        6 Not too little to help 1.Animals babies
    2.Animal sounds
    Grammar- is/are
        7 Friendship(poem) Names of colours
    Grammar- Adjectives
        8 Koko and the Kitten Gender of animals
    Preposition (in,on,behind,infront of,near,over,under)
        9 Out in the garden(poem) Grammar- Opposites
    2.action words
        10 stone  soup Words related with household objects
    Grammmar- Punctuation
        11 soup song (poem) Words related with kitchen
    Grammar- Articles
        12 Amar and the ball Grammar -Has /have
        13 A new ending Grammar- preposition (up down and into)
        14 Firoz and the fire engine Words related with transport
    Grammar - Past tense (adding ed to action words)
        15 Sunday (poem) Grammar- Present continuous tense (adding ing to action words)
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