(a) Number of Class Rooms: 66
(b) Number of Rooms: 117
(c) Number of section: 57
Computer Labs
Number of Computer Labs: Three
Audio Visual Room
a. Number of Audio Visual Rooms: Three
b. Capacity of each Audio Visual Room :120
Resource Centre:-
(i) Updating of charts and models for enhancement of teaching has been made in various club
(ii) The latest teaching aids/models have been procured for teacher use.
(iii) Internet connectivity has been given for students and teachers use.
Library :Two Libraries with 15000 Books
(a) Physics Lab
(b) Chemistry Lab
(c) Biology Lab
(d) Integrated Science Lab
(e) Home Science Lab
Games & Sports:-
The School has a 200M Athletic Track which can be drawn in the main ground where Football,
Hockey and Cricket are played. In addition to above the following games facilities are available. Out Door Games
(a) Basket Ball Court – 3
(b) Six-A-Side Hockey – 1
(c) Volley Ball Court – 2
(d) Kho-Kho Court – 1
(e) Lawn Tennis – 1
(f) Shuttle Badminton (Out Door) – 1
(g) Throw Ball Court – 1
In Door Games
(a) Table Tennis Court – 1
(b) Chess and Carrom – 1
(c) Gym Equipments - Weight Lifting and Chest Expansion equipments
Childrens Play Way Equipments (Primary School)
(a) Sea Saw
(b) Rollers
(c) Balancing Beam
(d) Swing
(e) Step Ladders
(f) Horizontal Bar

(g) Merry Go Round (h) Hexagonal Ladder
(i) Dome Ladder
(j) Mini Basket Ball Court (k) Alphabet Ladder (l) Slide

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