My dear Students,                                                                                                                                                               

Army Public School made a ground breaking and significant beginning by setting up and visiting Singapore and Malaysia on a Student Exchange Programme, followed by a Student Exchange to Sri Lanka – a collaborative initiative of the AWES, Indian Army and Sri Lankan Army. This enabled the school to learn about the best institutions and their systems and expand our reach beyond our own shores and at International Level. The Internationalization of Voices to commemorate London Olympics 2012 added another global dimension to our curriculum. Students of APS were trained by the composer and lyricist Richard Frostick. It also connected Army Public School, Bangalore to Burton–on–the–Wolds Primary School, the partner school in UK.I visited the partner school in March 2012 which helped me get insight into the best practices of UK schools and transform myself into a global educator. The geographical barriers and distances did not matter anymore as our schools became one through various projects, the SKYPE sessions and email exchanges. I could feel the impact of internationalism in the way we went about all our curriculum initiatives through various visits, interactions, parents’ initiatives and of course the vivacious students and teachers totally charged with enthusiasm of intensive research in all the projects undertaken.

The ISA project developed in our students, skills for global citizenship. It has opened a wide new world of global social responsibilities, made them aware of different countries, people and their culture and forged bonds of friendship with students across the world. Initially there were  anxieties and apprehensions as it involved activities in partnership with schools across the globe but as we progressed and wore the hat of a global student and teacher, framed and created interactive activities we found we were promoting and sustaining international links and internationalism was evident in a spectrum of activities ranging from our assemblies, club activities, sports day, parents’ stake holding and intellectual curiosity of our students. It empowered our teachers with technology which shrunk the world and made the classrooms across the world so easily accessible.

The Crowing Glory was that Army Public School, Bangalore was awarded the ‘INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD’ by the British Council – a recognition of being accredited as  a true International School which believes in Global Citizenship.

With love & blessings

for the new academic year

Manjula Raman


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