Class - 5- Holidays Homework





             (Do all the assignments on A4 size sheets of paper and submit in a file)

1.      Watch 3 English movies. Write the name of the movie, its director, lead actors and the character you liked the most in each movie. Try to paste a picture to make your work more presentable.

2.      Read 5 story books by different authors. Write the names of the books, authors and the character you liked the most in each story. Also, find out the names of 2 more stories/books written by the same authors. Paste a picture of the cover page if possible to make it more attractive.

3.       Cut and paste 10 newspaper/magazine articles on “Election Fever in India”. Underline 2 new words in each article and look up their meaning in the dictionary. Write the words and their meanings below the article.

4.      Maintain a record of all the good deeds done by you during the vacations. Write about at least one good deed you did each fortnight. (The good deed could be helping your parents / grandparents / siblings / neighbours / anyone in need of help, being kind to animals, taking care of plants and trees or anything that makes you happy or feel good about yourself.)


1.      Let’s play MASTER CHEF, APS. All you have to do is prepare 5 summer snacks/drinks on your own (under adult supervision). Write the name of the dish/drink you made, paste a picture of it and get at least 2 people to write their comments on your preparation. You can pen your views too. Request your parents to click some pictures while you are preparing/serving the dish. It’ll be wonderful to see you in that avtar.  ( Use A4 size sheets of paper)

(Note: Make simple things like lemonade, fruit chaat, sandwiches, salad, milk shakes, smoothies or lassi etc.).

2.Make a model of any one of the following—

(i)                 Respiratory system  (ii) Excretory system  (iii) Digestive system  (iv) Brain

  3. Use your imagination and creativity to make a poster / collage on the topic assigned to your roll number. Make it colourful and attractive. Use catchy slogans / proverbs relevant to the topic to make it more appealing and interesting.

(Use chart paper to make the poster / collage)

      Roll No 1-10 – Nature and Environment 

      Roll No 21 – 30 – Festivals of India

      Roll No 11 – 20 – Patriotism                         

      Roll No 31 – 40 – Sports, Games and Physical Fitness



            Read any Hindi story book (short stories) and choose one best story of your choice for the given  home work.

Method of making the book report sandwiches

Draw slices of cucumber, tomato and cheese; lettuce leaves, a layer of capsicum and onion and a couple of slices of bread.  Make your drawings  on appropriately coloured sheets (origami).  Cucumber on dark green, tomato on red, cheese on yellow, capsicum on orange, lettuce on light green, onion on light pink and bread on brown paper. The sheets served as the ingredients for your book reports sandwiches.  On the top slice of bread write your name, class and section.  On the lettuce write the story name and author, on tomato describe the book’s  settings.  On the onion write brief summary of the story, On the cheese write the character’s name, on cucumber the climax of the story, on the capsicum the moral of the story & on the lettuce leaves draw and colour your  favourite scene from the story. On the last bread slice write the reason for liking the story.  Staple together the Sandwich layers.



1.   Collect  three pictures each  of items in the following price ranges. Make a collage of the pictures collected for each price range.

a)        Rs. 1000  to Rs. 10,000  ; ( 4 to 5 – digits ) 

b)       Rs. 12,000  to  Rs.  1,00,000 ;  ( 5  to  6 – digits )

c)       Rs. 1,10,000   to  Rs. 1, 00,00,000  ( 6 to 7 – digits )

2.  Make the following Roman numerals using colourful straws or painted match sticks

    a)  Year in which you were born.

    b)  Year in which your parents were born.

    c)  Years in which your brother / sister were born.